Rock Climbing Based Cross-Training

A) Barbell Hip Thrust


Tempo (00X5)

6-8 Reps

4 sets

(Rest 30 seconds)


B1) Weighted Strict Pronated Pull up

Tempo (30X0)

3-5 reps

3 Sets

(Rest 60 seconds)


B2) Alternating Bench Floor Press

(Lay flat on the ground knees up, statically hold one dumbbell at full extension while slowly lowering the alternating arm at a (30X0) tempo. Continue to alternate.) 

6-8 per arm

3 sets

(Rest 90 seconds)


C) Side Plank Rotations


4 sets

(Rest 30-60 seconds)


D) Row: 3-4 Sets @ 97% effort

400 M

(Rest 6 min between sets)

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