The Draw: Little Rock, Utah

By: Billy Cartee


Wake up…Wake up! 
My first words at 5 am …”Lets go on an adventure!”
Immediately her eyes light up. “Where?” 
Pause: She gets me, I get her. I know the best way to get her out of bed is not waffles and coffee on a tray, a kiss on the forehead is convincing, *hold it* bring in the puppy *licks her face* well getting warmer.
No, while all of this is probably a good start to a happy girlfriend, an unpredictable adventure is the most refreshing start to that “perfect weekend.” Why you ask? Anything in life that is great is free. We have all heard that, but why? Creativity is the root of good relationships and a happy lifestyle. There is something so powerful of being surrounded by nothing yet everything at the same time. “Everything in a remote location?” Exactly…everything that is important to you; your loved ones; in my case my dog, my girlfriend, fresh air and an empty canvas. Its nice once in a while to leave the “things” and the material possessions out of the picture and focus on what’s really important.
The morning sound of the tent unzipping and waking up to a warming sunrise, her in your hoody and sweat pants. Hearing the flame torch up to boil the water for a nice cup of hot coffee. To me that perfect vacation is not necessarily a destination, its a state of mind. No inbox, no social media and no responsibility. Best of all there is no mirror to concern ourselves of our appearances because to be quite honest how she looks waking up in the wild is my favorite look of all.

Pack List:

Sleeping Bag/ Pad
4 Peaks Kilt Lifter
Coffee/ Jet Boil
Loved one
Dog (preferable)
Food of choice

Skill Level:


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