The Girl in the Patagonia Hat

By: Billy Cartee


There is something about a girl in ball cap. Better yet, a salty snapback. As she turns around and walks away, the insignia on the back reads “Patagonia,” my heart sank. White washed, frayed at the bill while accompanied by a glowing smile. This girl lived for adventure; she didn’t mind the sweat marks or the fact this ball cap had seen it’s last day…she recognized its true character.
It’s funny how one intangible object can can create such a strong perception and backstory. By no means do I think a person should be defined by their belongings or material possessions, but I do think the way one carries  themselves speaks volumes. I don’t know this girl, but face value…my imagination runs in so many directions.  She had a constant impulse for adventure in a not so ordinary way. Her need for adventure extended farther than any hike, destination or camp. She’s the type that chooses living and loving life above all else. There is something so attractive about that mantra that speaks to the way we all should live.
If she is so busy loving life for herself, how does she have time for anyone else? She just knows. She is so confident that along her path she will find that person—the type of person who does not hold her back and simultaneously lives their life as well. The most important part of seeking love is finding someone to cherish those special memories with. But, at the same time it should be done organically, doing the things you love and hoping someone recognizes your true passion. The type of person who enhances the good and discerns the hardship—the one you want by your side on a rainy day. Having that mutual wanderlust creates such a strong connection that life becomes the adventure and your partner becomes your sidekick.
Glancing my way, a warming smiled filled her face. Alike the warm comfort when you take the first sip of coffee on cold morning.  She turned around carrying herself in such a confident and charismatic way, enabling her to overlook that the world could be cruel. While others chose to harp on despair, she chose to see the light from within. Poised with such a raw understanding of herself, she gracefully walked out of the local coffee shop.
Reasons to date the girl in the Patagonia Hat:
  • No make-up.
  • She knows how to drink a beer.
  • She’s not afraid to get dirty.
  • She wears socks with Birks.
  • She likes a good puppy cuddle.
  • Exercise, yeah she can lift, cause when she turned around I noticed more than her ball cap.
  • Coffee in hand ready to take on the world.
Reasons not to:
  • None.

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