The Phenomena of the Physical World

By: Billy Cartee
Nature is the phenomena of the physical world collectively. Naturally, as humans we co-exist with animals, plants and the forces that drive us together and eventually apart. Nature seems to have such a blunt way of doing it, I guess we never really notice when nature decides to make a traumatic change until its really too late. But, is it really that black and white? Does nature make all these changes all at once or as progressive motion? Are we inherently defined by nature? Does nature test our character or personality or do we define it ourselves? I guess I’m wondering why I’m asking all of these questions to myself.
 Maybe, many of you aren’t exactly nature goers or don’t really relate to the outdoors, I get that. So just as a brief refresh, “Erosion”…shit whats that? We learned it in Earth and Space Science back around our elementary years. Well, as National Geographic (2011) defines “the process of erosion moves bits of rock or soil from one place to another….these forces carry the rocks and soil from the places where they were weathered.” I guess the best way I can interpret this or relate for myself is each event, each person you meet they or it is going to carry you. They will carry you to new places, very consistently and hardly noticed. But, nevertheless they will change you. They will do one of two things they will tear you down they will build you up.
 For me and for most of you, a lot goes into all of our lives. We go through relationships, we see people pass away and things change. Throughout this process we all become a little bit weathered, these forces that are pulling us in every direction are defining who we are and what we want to accomplish. Nature does some traumatic things, it takes people away from you, unapologetically, forcefully and with every fiber it has. And you wonder why? This must be the balance of nature. For all of the things nature does, for all the heartache it causes, why is it that I love it so much? I can tell you, for whatever its worth. Historically the Earth, has endured so much destruction, so much rebuilding. It can be so tragic, alike the events that transpire in all our lives. But all of these bits and pieces that are rearranged and move us in one way or another, I honestly have to believe its part of greater plan. How is it that nature can undergo so much heart ache and so much destruction and still be the greatest force on earth, confident in its beauty? I guess it’s all the small progressions it endures on a daily basis. Similarly, we as people face this as well. We will never lead “perfect lives,” nothing in life is necessarily constant. If it was linear, there would be no “perfect moments” thus creating a dull and passive life. I urge you take take the moments that are so beautiful and cherish them. For all of the mistakes nature has made, for all of the internal battles it has fought…it can provide us with the smallest moments of beauty like this one.
 RIP Gerard Mauvis, loving husband, father and friend. You will be greatly missed.

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