Billy "B" Cartee | Co-Founder | IG @billyyythekidd

Oh hey didn’t see you there. My name is Billy Cartee, I’m one of the founders of The Archr. I am an Arizona native and 27 years old. The Archr is intended to give you some personal insight into me and one of my closest buddy’s world. We are just two average guys looking for the meaning of life and the experiences we have a long the way.
Fall of 2009, I attended Arizona State University. I have two Bachelor’s of Science degrees, one in Economics and one in Justice Studies and Social Inquiry. Currently, I am a Financial Associate at a local financial tech institution. Like most millennials I have worked in various industries trying to find my calling. I hold a USAW (Olympic Lifting Certification) and have worked for many Strength and Conditioning boxes around the valley. As you get to learn more about me you will have a better understanding on what makes me tick.
I do most of the photography for The Archr—I get my inspiration from the outdoors, adventuring and subtle moments that really make you appreciate life. I have a Black Lab/Border Collie mix named Brody, who you will certainly see more of. I am on a competitive road cycling team as well as enjoy most genres of cycling. I’m a bicycle nut. My many interests include rock climbing, fitness, well being, a consistent curiosity of life and coffee, lots of coffee. Stay tuned, we are up to big things!

Stefan "Effen" Markovich | Co-Founder | IG @effenstefan

Howdy! Thanks for visiting The Archr. I am Stefan Markovich, a little bit about me. I was born in Chicago, IL, I am a first generation American in my family. I also spent some of my life living in Serbia where much of my family still resides today. I moved out to Arizona in summer of 2005 and fell in love with the desert sun immediately.
I attended Arizona State University where I got my bachelors degree after 7 grueling years. These were very formative years for me as I fought myself not to mold into a prototypical member of society but to truly provide value to the people I surround myself with. It is an on-going development to positively impact people and something I am passionate about. I have held positions at various jobs in various sectors stumbling along some fantastic people along the way. Most recently I hold a position in sales at a financial technology institution. I am also looking for ways to involve myself more with sport, either by way of management, coaching, or recruiting.
I am big on playing sports and being active, my favorite sport being soccer. It is a great avenue of expression and creative freedom for me while also challenging and puzzling at times too! This is something I seek in various events in my life, wether it is from sports, relationships, or education. This is a big reason why my friend Billy and I started The Archr, to be able to share our experiences and lessons with people! Feel free to pop in and say hi anytime!